5 Most Common Problems in the Process Software Development Companies

There are always some difficulties in the software development to which teams are not ready. You will be surprised, but most of all this isn’t a lack of knowledge! Today we would like to share our experience and highlight 5 common problems in software development company.

5 Most Common Problems in the Process Software Development Companies

Issue #1: Requirements Gathering


Usually, customers come up with a problem that they can not clearly describe. This is because they did not prepare the statement of work (SOW). How to behave in such situation? We chose two ways! The first – prepare their check-list with questions, through which we drive the client. The second way – we ask the client to prepare and structure his requirements in the document.

Issue #2: Poor Scheduling & Estimation


It’s the most tricky problem! If you re-evaluate the project, the client will not work with you. If you underestimate, then the overtime will be on your shoulders and it would bring losses to your company. The client will be extremely dissatisfied with the delayed deadline. To solve the problem with planning and estimating, you need to work out your own evaluation tool. Work on it and improve – it’s an ongoing process.

Issue #3: Communication with client


Build a transparent and fast process of communication with the client. You must answer his questions within a maximum of 2 hours. Inform him about the schedule of your office.

Issue #4: In-Team Communication


The team communication is another difficulty. It can be easily solved if a clear structure of interaction between specialists is created. This also needs to be worked out. We use Slack, where we create a channel for each project and report all changes in real time. In addition, project management systems and responsible managers play an important role.

Issue #5: Testing


The tests are often given very little time, because at the stage of estimating it is not planned. Moreover, there are many software development teams where there is no QA manager. In case of our experience, after hiring a QA specialist, we received far fewer complaints from customers, and sometimes none. And yes – we are planning testing in advance.



In conclusion, we want to emphasize that this is just our experience, and not clear instructions for the work. If you have any questions, please write in comments. We are open to communication.

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