Do you need a Web Design? Is it really necessary for a start development?

These questions remember us the case with chicken and egg: Which Came First? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Web design should be in every modern internet project and this is our strong opinion. Because developers can not write code and think about beautiful โ€œlook and feelโ€ at the same time. We are sure it’s only a matter of time before you create the project’s design. Therefore, don’t take too long and start today. Continue reading below!

Do you need a Web Design? Is it really necessary for a start development?

A web design is important for your project. Why?


  1. A design is not just beautiful pictures, buttons, windows, etc. In our opinion, this is a step when a designer with development team use all their mental resources. That necessary to create an application structure, logic, usability, and functionality. In summary, they create a project foundation and development plan.
  2. In our experience, most of the developers have a poor sense of beauty. So, if you are thinking about entrusting this task to them, please donโ€™t do this. P.S. We donโ€™t want to injure any of the developers, these are statistics based on our experience.
  3. With ready design and project structure, developers will estimate the web development tasks and timeline more accurately (click for reading the article on this topic). This will be useful for planning your project’s budget.
  4. Well and a little about beauty. Look at modern trends in the Web or Youtube and Instagram. All this will make you understand that high-quality photos, videos, and original design are already a necessity to attract users at your content. Although this is a very small part of the designerโ€™s work it’s very important in the digital competition.


Can I do without design?


In fact, yes, but you must replace it for:

  • Mind map. Is a graphical way to represent ideas and concepts. It is a visual thinking tool that helps structuring information, helping you to better analyze, comprehend, synthesize the vision.
  • Hierarchical list. Is a list of items arranged on interdependent successive levels. Certain items in a hierarchical list are associated with nodes that may be expanded to display further lists below them.
  • Layout. Is a sketch that includes the arrangement of visual elements on pages. There are already applications in which you can draw interactive layouts with visual elements and links that you may click on.

All these documents help developers better visualize the project structure that allows improving the quality and speed of development processes.


When can I do without mobile or web design?


  1. When you create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This is a good way to start with MVP because that allows you to check your idea. You can test your offer, features and clarify the target audience with a small budget and minimum risks. By the way, this is our article about ways to minimize risk in web development.
  2. If your budget very small and you should save money on everything. In this case, we recommend you analyze the future project and identify the most important features for your customers. Better start with this.
  3. When your audience does not require a beautiful interface design. But you must be sure of it. Otherwise, you can lose profit.
  4. If you create your project with an online app builder. These services provide you with a library with many templates from which you can buy any that you like. In this case, you will have to sacrifice a unique design and performance.

The design is like a blueprint for builders. Is it possible to build a house without drawings? Yes, an experienced builder will be able to build it, but this is a building of difficulty level no more than a wooden hut. A serious complex object without drawings can’t be built.

We tried to convey to you the importance of design for web development. Now the choice is yours!

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