How to choose a software company?

Selecting the right software development company that fully meets your business needs and expectations is not so simple to deal. Before the start, check yourself, if you definitely know what you actually expect to get as the results of your future collaboration on. It’s recommended to start with the preparation of the written description with the objectives and expectations for the functionality of your final product or service. You can read about this in the article: “7 questions you need to ask yourself before selecting software vendor“.

So, you have written the brief for a Software company. Therefore, we can proceed to the next stage. Here’s a checklist of our tips, that will help you create a reliable product or service.

How to choose a software company - Syntech Software Blog

Tips for choosing a software company

The market presence. Look at how a company is represented on the web. Gather some information about it on social networks and the Internet. Further, do the same with a few more companies that your business can cooperate with.

References and testimonials. Read testimonials, this is the right way to find right IT partner. You can understand how this company works with its customers and with certain industries, some solutions or technologies. It will be better if you look for reviews about the company on the Internet, and not just read the ones that on their website. For example, you can use Facebook, LinkedIn,, GoodFirms, CrunchBase etc.

Check out Portfolio. Explore the portfolio of the company. Review what challenges did they face? With what technologies and niches did they work? Is there a similar application in their portfolio? Most likely, the company that has a similar case will be preferable to you. But don’t limit yourself! It is better to look at what solutions were taken in solving problems.

The approach to project management and communication. Communication is the most important aspect of effective cooperation between the client and the software company. To make the process more efficient and transparent, companies use project management tools, such as Redmine, Jira, Asana, etc. It’s good to add a chat solution (Slack, Hipchat). When you know which tools are used by a certain agency, it’ll give you a picture of the project organizing process.

Scope of services. Most of all, large companies offer more than just software development for your statement of work (SOW). We recommend you, to look for those developers who can analyze your business and offer a solution that can automate or simplify your business processes.Check technical skills of Software Development House
Look at what technologies the company uses, and ask for code samples. Do they have any open source projects in their portfolio? Check if it meets your expectations.

Rates. Each company may use completely different estimation and development approaches. Fairly often, the total cost of a project or service is calculated by multiplication of the rate by the time necessary for development efforts. Meantime, it’s not recommended to select a company just by selecting the lowest hourly rate as this won’t really show how much you will need to pay for the final result. To determine the most advantageous offer, you should ask to estimate the cost of the same problem solving to several software houses. Of course, for this, you should already have a clear SOW, of which we wrote here. If you still want to know the prices of services software companies in the calculation for 1 hour, we have determined such average rates:

  • Bangladesh, India, Pakistan: $10-$25
  • Eastern Europe: $25-$40
  • Western Europe: $40-$60
  • Onshore United States of America Companies: $120-$160

These simple tips and advices will significantly help you to choose right IT partner. Just follow them!

P.S. In Syntech Software, we can study the weaknesses of your business and offer solutions using software. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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