How to create a Request for Proposals for mobile or web development? (+ Useful Tips)

Request for Proposals (RFP) is a document from which you start a communication with a development company. It should include project goals and definition, features description, app structure and etc. An RFP is used where the client needs technical expertise, specific capability, or where the service or product being requested doesn’t yet exist. The proposal may require research and development to create whatever is being requested. The more accurately you compile an RFP, the smaller result will differ from your expectation.

From our experience, we realized that a lot of business owners find it difficult to create the Request. It inspired us to write the article where we can describe: how to create an RFP for the mobile or web development? Find out our advice below and use it for creating your project already today.

How to create a Request for Proposals for the mobile or web development?


How to write a Web Development Request for Proposals (RFP)?


We had done a research before started this article and have read many interesting opinions of our colleagues. But we found the bigger part of them too complex and difficult to comprehend. So we have described own vision of creating RFP.


Project Timeline Details


Start with a project timeline. Developers need to know how much time they have. Just answer on the points below:

  • RFP release date. Is the day when you send your RFP to the developers.
  • Responses Due. How much time they have for studying the requests.
  • Project Kick-off. Is a range when you actually want to release your project.
  • Target Date. The project launch time.


Brief Project Description & Objectives


Please, describe your project and its goals. Try to explain your idea. It will help specialists to think outside the box. For example: when you come to a software development company and describe them some solutions that may solve your issues you limit yourself. Why? Because the developers simply perform the tasks assigned to them. But these solutions may not be the best in your case. So start with the problem you solving and let the developers suggest the better solution.


Your Company’s Overview


Introduce your company. What is your main business direction? How many employees do you have? What is your history? Why does what you do matter for your consumer?


Current Project State


Describe your technical situation for the moment of creating an RFP. Next on points:

  • Do you have a website or web app and what its functionality?
    • user account
    • data you collect
    • filtering and sorting the data
    • mobile responsive design
    • integration with social media or marketing services
    • etc.
  • Do you have the mobile app and what its functionality?
  • Web Integrations
    • ERP, CRM or Call tracking?
    • analytics
    • chats
    • payment services


Target Audience


Who is your consumer? If you don’t know them yet, characterize a possible one by answering the questions:

  • Is this men or women?
  • What is the range of they age?
  • What kind of hobbies or interests do they have?
  • In which companies does your target audience work?
  • On what posts do they work?

If you have a B2B business and your target audience are other businesses then describe their (business direct, staff, revenue).


Technical & Functional Requirements


This the most important point of the RFP. Tell us in detail about the functionality and appearance of your future application. What pages do you need? Which buttons, pop-ups and other functions you will be placed on them? Will there be a user’s account? Would you like to use CMS, ERP, live chat or other web integrations? We understand that your requirements depend on your niche and type of project. Therefore, we offer you an example of technical and functional requirements.


Principal Point of Contact


Represent your team which will be involved in the development. Write their names, positions, and experience. Perhaps some of them have experience in developing such a project. It is very important to understand who on your team can make a decision and with whom the developers can approve any changes.


Budget Range


Write a range of your budget. Even if this is your assumption. So, the developers will be able to find the most suitable solution for your requests. Trust the experts, they are constantly dealing with the development and various web services, so they’ll show you where may save your money, and where it’s better to overpay.


Ongoing Support / Retainer


Ongoing Support is the most popular question from our clients. We always continue to work with projects that we develop. But it will be better if you ask the future software development partner about support and maintenance in the RFP. Find out about their terms and approach.


Examples of Similar Projects


The text requirements are good, but if you give links to similar projects it will be much better. We recommend you to group the links for each feature or page. This will make your query more understandable.


Tips How to Write a Great Web Development Request for Proposals (RFP)


  1. Very important is clearly describe the idea of your project.
  2. Concretize all features and pages. Better if you create an XMind map or hierarchical list and will add links on examples of likely feature or interface design.
  3. Outline approximate budgets.
  4. Visual design of RFP is not very important for the developers, but this affects the first impression of your company. So it’s up to wether do it nice looking or not πŸ™‚
  5. Don’t hesitate to send your RFP for several software development companies. Then make a selection of proposals and with the most suitable firms, schedule an interview. By the way, you may be using our article with tips on how to choose a development company


Now, you’re ready to write an understandable RFP. We simplified the creation of it by removing some unimportant items. So don’t waste your time and start developing the project.

We wish you to grow a profitable business! πŸ’΅πŸ˜Ž

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