Where to find a reliable outsourcing software company?

Where to find a reliable software company? This is a popular question among owners of modern enterprises who understand the need for globalization with the help of Internet technologies. But this entails,  for example, creating a website, setting up CRM or ERP systems or developing a mobile app. For these purposes, your business may not have the necessary expertise and specialists. What should you do? Generally, you have two ways. First, create an IT department, and secondly, find an outsourcing company that will develop all your tasks.

The first way is difficult and long. Just imagine how much time you will spend to find quality developers. And without a strong development experience, you will most likely find people who will not be able to grasp your ideas. The second way also has some pitfalls. But you can overcome most of them by just reading our article How to choose a software company”. We recommend that you use the second way –  to find an IT-partner and entrust the software development to them. So, let’s move and learn where to look for the software companies.

Where to find a reliable outsourcing software company


6 useful ideas on where to find a reliable outsourcing software company


1. Google it


Surely this idea comes in your head very first. And you may ask: “what’s new?” We recommend that you take a closer look at the blocks of advertising and Google Maps. The first block contains offers from companies that are actively looking for customers and are paying money for it. Most likely, there you will find young companies without a loud name or companies from the middle segment. Such companies will propose you attractive rates, but be sure to study the reviews about them and their cases. On Google Maps you will find developer companies that are close to your location. In our experience, this is very important for some customers.


2. Curated lists


To find curated lists you must use any search engine. Just enter your request, for example, “5 trusted software outsourcing companies in …”. Make a request that best matches your needs. If you are looking for Python or JS Developers, write about it. If your goal is to find a software company in New York, then write “Best software development company in New York”.



  • Use the filter in the search engines for the current year. Companies that were in the top-rated list in 2010 may already not exist. Look for relevant information in order not to waste your time.
  • Look for lists posted on trusted IT websites, like TechRadar, LinkedIn, HubSpot, Medium and so on. But don’t forget to read reviews about the company recommended by these reputable websites.


3. Social Media


Using social networks is not just a talking hub with friends or watching funny videos. On the pages of LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook, you can easily find development companies for the same requests we wrote about in point 1. So you should just enter “Software Development Company” in the search field. You can use additional filters to refine the query. A list of companies will appear before you. Now you should study the pages of each of them. Find out what they write about themselves, in which country their offices are, what content they post and so on. Then have a look at their websites and learn the reviews.


4. Software development directories


There are specialized catalogs in which you can find many development companies. Each catalog offers its own ways of filtering and sorting companies, internal ratings and verified reviews. The most popular catalogs are Clutch.co and Appfutura. In Clutch, for example, to leave a response the client should make an interview with an employee of the catalog, where he will be asked about the project, developers team, management, and about many other things within 15 minutes.


Here’s how the feedback of one of our customers looks like on Clutch.co:

Where to find a reliable outsourcing software companyWe would recommend checking the following resources:


5. Quora


Quora is the place where you can get answers to any questions. Also, here you can easily find many recommendations if you just create a topic with the question that is indicated in the article title. For many modern IT companies, Quora is a proven marketing tool where you can find customers for services and even goods. To start, register, fill out your account and create a topic that you want to discuss. Describe your project, idea, and functionality. In just a few hours you will receive proposals from managers of different software companies.

6. Special events


IT events are another good way to find a reliable software development team. Thus, you can go deeper into the life of developers. In addition, there are more managers of development companies at such events. Most of the useful events take place between March and September. Here are the coming events that worth visiting:

We are sure that you will find many more IT events that are held in different parts of the world. Choose interesting for you subjects depending on your business, create a plan for communicating with the developers and your task will succeed.



  1. Use all of the above ideas. With their help, you will find a reliable IT partner.
  2. Make a list of companies you are interested in.
  3. Check out the reviews about companies and look at their cases.
  4. Negotiate and ask for the evaluation of the project from several companies. Do not rely on anyone alone. Create a mini-tender and select the best.
  5. Contact the company representatives, but be prepared for a call. More about it read in this article.
  6. Choose the best conditions and sign a contract.

Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions, ask in the comments. We will try to answer them as quickly as possible. If you do not want to wait, then write us at office@syntech.software. Point out a convenient time for you and the best method of voice communication for you. We will discuss your project and give you a project estimate in 2 hours.

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