Smiling Woods Yurts

How an ERP can improve the business of an amazing company that produces attractive wooden yurts meant to last a lifetime (Could mention Smiling Woods name here)

In this article, we would like to talk about our collaboration with Smiling Woods Yurts, a company that found us through a search engine while looking for ERP developers. Among the published results, they chose Syntech Software. The clients approached us with the goal of improving their business, and we initiated the cooperation.

Client’s description

Smiling Woods is a company that specializes in manufacturing roundhouses, specifically yurts with a pointed dome, that can range from 20 to 41 feet in diameter. These houses are primarily ordered as country residences located near forests, as well as for hotels and cottages that appeal to vacationers seeking natural surroundings. The company is dedicated to utilizing environmentally friendly materials and reducing waste in their production process. The houses' structures are constructed using high-quality wooden materials, non-toxic glues, and the roofs meet ecological standards. With consistent growth each year, the company is actively seeking to expand its operations


Project goals

One of the primary objectives of this project was to develop a custom ERP system tailored to the specific business needs. Our client expressed this requirement due to the lack of flexibility and alignment with their unique challenges and pain points in off-the-shelf solutions. In the initial stage, we mutually agreed upon the following list of modules for the ERP system:

 - Material database for configuration and pricing
 - Project tracking
 - Documentation
 - Generation of invoices
 - Timekeeping and employee hour tracking
 - Internal calendar for scheduling and planning

But instead of starting our work with the ERP, we began by asking the client the most important question: “What are the biggest pain points? How can we help to solve these pain points?” In response, we discovered that the client's builder, CRM, and website had errors. Thus, our initial focus was on addressing these issues in the first stage of our work.

1. Builder:
 - Fixed bugs in the existing system.
 - Completed the development of a basic version.
 - Added new functionality based on customer requests.

2. CRM:
 - Resolved errors.
 - Established a connection between the Builder and CRM.
 - Integrated the website with the CRM.
 - Implemented CRM Marketing to enable marketing campaigns for contacts within the CRM system.

3. Website:
 - Migrated to React application.
 - We replaced the backend with a more convenient technology for further scalability
 - Applied cosmetic corrections.
 - Implemented a CMS for the website, allowing the client to update existing pages and create new ones without developer assistance.
 - Conducted SEO optimization to improve the website's search ranking.



Following a comprehensive business analysis and identifying several issues, our team proposed transferring the existing system to more advanced technologies to enhance its functionality. This approach ensures that the system can scale alongside the business.
Currently, we are actively engaged in enhancing our CRM and Builder, while also developing new modules.


How does it help our client?

Smiling Woods has successfully integrated the CRM system and house design software, providing significant benefits to their operations. Working with these tools is now more convenient than their previous methods, offering easier management of important information, including adding, searching, changing, and processing data. As the development progresses, our team's efforts are yielding excellent results and providing valuable assistance to the client.



We have long-term experience in automating business processes, including the use of CRM and ERP systems, we understand the importance of these tools for effectively managing all aspects of your business. By implementing these systems, you can efficiently track and address various issues while maintaining control over your operations.

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