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Behind every successful brand or production is quality and fast software solutions. We create optimal solution for your business needs.



For the last ten years, Fintech solutions became a hot topic and competed with traditional banking services. Because the applications are connected with the customer's money, security compliance and performance requirements are high. Because of these factors, Syntech Software uses the most current frameworks and technologies to bring high-end applications to our customers.



All the businesses are different unique, so that pre-built CRMs and ERPs might not work for some companies. For companies with complex business processes, we can offer customer automation solutions tailored to their requirements and pursue convenience and efficiency.


Digital communications

Since 2016 Syntech Software develops and deploys various communication technologies. In 2020 the situation with Covid-19 changed the global digital agenda – video and audio meetings became a usual day-to-day activity in most business domains. So we enhanced our solutions and experience to use modern technologies to fulfill the needs of our customers.

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