Advanced chat solutions

In 2016, Syntech Software started developing online chat solutions and eventually created our engine – Nice Chat, which was dedicated to bringing new experiences to e-commerce. Now it's used for various chat and inbox solutions in the application of our customers. Alternatively, we can use either 3rd party service to implement this feature.



For most of the chats, we utilize WebSockets technology, and for that, we use Django-channels or other asynchronous frameworks and libraries on Python. For the service APIs, we use DRF or similar frameworks.

3rd party vendors

We have our chat engine Nice.Chat, but of course, we work with other vendors like Twilio or Firebase. The decision on the vendor almost every time is based on the performance expectations and costs.


Nowadays, the chat is a must-have feature for most online interactive platforms, so the development plan would be based on the whole system's goals because the chat is being embedded into it.

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