Support and Maintenance

Support that proactively prevents issues

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Infrastructure monitoring
Any proactive support starts with server monitoring 24/7. The control center consolidates the monitoring results, and if a potential issue appears, the system will report it to you and our team to take care of it.
Application monitoring
Besides the server monitoring, another point of failure could be the application that runs on it. The same control center catches all the warning and crash reports and pushes them into our maintenance pipeline.
Ticket system
Another point of getting the issue reports (or possible improvement requests) is an interface for you to add them manually. The system automatically would notify our managers to provide the fastest response to any request.
Proactive support
Our team and the instruments we use allow us to predict possible issues in the future and take measures to mitigate that risks. Besides preventing errors, the proactive support helps us suggest improvements not only on technical but also on UI/UX level.
Support team
The team is dedicated to your product being 100% up and running.

Choose your plan

Monitoring and ticket system
Support: 10h non-SLA
Monitoring and ticket system
Monthly reporting
Support: 5h SLA &
20h non-SLA
Monitoring and ticket system
Weekly reporting
Support: 20h SLA &
50h non-SLA
Monitoring and ticket system
Weekly reporting
Support: Fulltime
Compare plans Basic Standard Advanced Enterprise
Infrastructure monitoring (Zabbix) check check check check
Application monitoring (Sentry) check check check check
Tiсket system check check check check
Monthly reporting check check check
Weekly reporting check check
Dedicated manager check check check
Dedicated team check
Support 10h non-SLA 5h SLA
20h non-SLA
20h SLA
50h non-SLA
Cost monthly $600 $1,300 $3,300 Contact sales
Additional time cost $45/h $40/h $30/h Contact sales

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