Each client for us is a challenge and an opportunity for growth. The same thing happened in the case of Adamant. We started our work discussing their goals and vision, then we became infected with the idea and have embarked on a study the production processes. This is how our partnership started.

Client’s description


Adamant is a Ukrainian industrial company that produces specialized and non-standard equipment, sophisticated technical products and spare parts for imported equipment. Their staff includes 80+ employees. Working since 2007, Adamant has established reliable partnerships with the largest plants and factories of Ukraine.


Project Goals


The main objectives of creating the software are automating their workflow, collecting and storing the data of production. In the end, they need a system that simplifies and coordinates the interaction between different departments. We have agreed on the following project functions:

  1. Machinery load statistics. How long and how often does each particular machine work? What is the loading percentage? Visualization for each workshop.
  2. Employee performance monitoring. When does every employee come and go? How much time has passed for the machine and how many parts are produced?
  3. Supply department procurement planning. Predict the amount of required material and components for the production of each order. Data will take from previous statistics of production and from directories.
  4. Production speed calculation. Calculate time for production, based on the collected data. Analyze the work of departments and the state of production.
  5. Information exchange between departments. Provide the possibility of joint work of departments of the enterprise for the implementation of the production plan.
  6. Permanent data access. Access to information for employees at any time and from any device (mobile or pc), according to their permissions.

In the future, Adamant’s management wants to expand the functionality of the system. Therefore, our developers have considered it during the development session.



Our development team visited the production and analyzed their existing (manual) system. Then we developed several ways to automate their workflows and approved one of them before starting development. As a result, we’ve created a bespoke ERP system that resolves all the needs of Adamant’s production. Development is still in progress, but the system has already been implemented with specific functionality that is constantly expanding.


How does it help our client?


Representatives of the company actively participated in the development and subsequent testing of software. Involvement in the process allowed the company’s management to look at their production processes from a new angle and then identify the bottlenecks of the workflow. But most importantly, they found that some processes were not controlled by them at all. After that, they hired new employees for this area. The software has already been successfully used by company employees and helps them save time and resources, and also predict workload, which simplifies the planning for the execution of new orders.




We are very pleased with the new partnership and the acquisition of substantive expertise in metal production and processing area. We have created an expert team in this industry and a solution that is easy to apply for the automation of such enterprises.

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