In our experience, there are very few people who understand the full range of IT consulting firm services. This conclusion is based on our long-term communication with customers. We all the time explain that an IT сonsulting is more than just giving advice. We provide a complex service for the development of IT-product or the maintenance and modernize enterprise systems.

About services range and meaning of IT consulting you can read here. In this article, we want to say, that almost all consulting firms will offer you development services. These can be either their in-house developers or partners companies. But first, in such companies, you’ll be provided with the deep business analysis then gave the advice, and after that became the development phase. Below we described to you this chain of events more detailed.

What are the goals of IT consulting?



Business Analysis phase


Researching either the client’s needs for future product functionality or studying the technical status of existing software. Drawing up the project structure.



Providing information with recommendations


Presentation of the project development plan with additional consultancy about technology or third-party software. Providing information about estimates of the scope of work and the number of specialists who will develop the project.



Solving a client’s issues


At this point, IT consulting firms must move from advice to action. After providing information to the client, there are 2 ways to future cooperation. The first way is the IT firm provide the development by own in-house specialists, and the second is the client can choose a third-party software development company. But the second way is the exception to the rule.



Clear and flexible development process


The development process is like a team game in which to win, each team member must clearly fulfill their role. To do it, the coach or leader must skillfully control the whole mechanism and make adjustments during it.

In our company, we use a development model with short sprints (iterations). The result of each of them is a showcasing of performed work with an explanation from the specialists who participate in the project. During the showcasing, the client can make adjustments for the next sprint.



Facilitating client learning


  1. If a client’s case can become a permanent problem in the future, IT consulting firms can train the staff to prevent it.
  2. If a new product is being developed, then managers make a presentation and detailed documentation where they describe ways to manage it.



Support and improving


Very often, customers are worried about the future IT support of the project at the beginning of development. In such situations, you can immediately sign a contract for a planned IT audit. So you protect your software from unwanted problems.




IT consulting firm is more just advice. It is your IT partner for years or even for life. You need just find the one who will understand your business, ideas, and needs. By the way, recently we wrote the article “Where to find a reliable software company?” which may be useful for you.


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